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How you can help with our campaign...

According to reports at WWW.TBI.GOV there are over 70,000 cases of Domestic Violence involving men and women victims in the state of Tennessee alone. As you may know, escaping from your abuser is one of the most dangerous times in a  Domestic Violence Situation. Some victims and their children are forced to escape with only the clothes on their back. Our goal is to serve over 2000 victims and their children in escaping their abuser from the Nashville/Middle Tennessee area. Each bag can help save a life. We will be providing items needed for survival for 24-48 hrs or until they are able to reach a safe place or Domestic Violence shelter.   

"Flight Bags"

Each Bag Includes:


Razors/Shaving Cream

Hair Brush/Comb

Tooth Brush/Tooth Paste

Gas/Food voucher

Clothing Items

Escape Plan (created by

Birth Certificate/Legal Documents Holder

Prepaid cell phone

Each bag is valued at $75.00

WOC serves all victims of Domestic Violence in the Nashville/Middle Tennessee Area

"Safe Place"

If your church or organization would like to be considered a "safe place" for distribution of flight bags to clients, please call Shayna Qualls at 615-904-4505.