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From Our Founder...


Shayna Qualls


Living in fear from abuse as a child is something I endured for most of my childhood. My mother experienced a never ending cycle of abuse from repeated relationships throughout her life. As a child, my brother and I had witnessed plenty of the abuse she encountered. Domestic Violence not only affects the victim,but also their children and anyone else who lives in the home. My mother's abuse only ended for her when she committed suicide in April of 2004. This was only 3 weeks shy of my high school graduation. As a teenager I could never understand why this was happening to us. In her suicide letter she wrote things like " I will never be able to make you happy" and " I can't go on living like this, life is no longer worth living".  My mother took notes of constantly living in fear, and several actions of her abuser breaking the Order of Protection that she had him served with. I will never be able to have my mother back. However, with God's help I can not only continue to heal myself but also provide healing and resources to other victims of Domestic Violence and their families. I have dedicated my life to the purpose of Serving all Victims of Domestic Violence. On behalf of Wings Of Courage, we immensely appreciate you and your support to our mission.  

Very truly yours, 

Shayna Qualls